CLAW Code of Conduct

  1. CLAW is an event for adult gay Leathermen that creates a space for us outside of the mainstream cultural norms which may not be suitable for all. Our cultural standards for personal interaction are different from those of the overlying mainstream culture. CLAW’s origins are in the gay leather bar scene and it maintains that spirit to this day.
  2. Casual, respectful touching is still a cultural norm of adult gay Leathermen. Consent for the majority of us looks a lot like Implied before Denied. The first touch is often also the asking of permission to continue. It is up to the toucher to approach and read signs and decide if consent has been granted and to respect the reaction positive or negative from the other participant.
  3. We in no way condone predatory behavior, abuse or intimidation, be it physical, visual or verbal, in person or online, ever. No is still No. If you attend CLAW with the assumption you can aggressively touch people you don’t know without consequence you will be unwelcomed.
  4. We aspire to lead by individual example, as Leathermen, to embody Respect, honor, integrity and compassion. Together we express this through volunteerism, education and charity.
  5. Being an adult in part means knowing how to maturely handle unwanted behavior directed at you from others. A simple ‘No’, frown, or brushing the hand away are some ways to do this. We will not tolerate those who receive a clear verbal or non-verbal signal to stop and don’t.
  6. We are all adults first and are expected to behave as such. Be responsible for your own space. Lead by example, and be self-empowered enough to be able to say “no” in a mature way. If you feel incapable of doing so, CLAW may not be the event for you at this time.