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 If you have a coupon, please select the registration type that matches your coupon.
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Registration Instructions

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Remember to enter your coupon near the bottom of the form above package total information.

Please, do not register at this time:

Please contact us HERE and complete the information on the form to obtain your coupon prior to registering. Select "CLAW Nation Code Request" for your subject.

Registration Instructions

  1. Complete the registration form.

Volunteer Registration Information

Volunteer Packages: $25 (plus 2 shifts of 4-6 hours each of volunteer time during CLAW).

Note: New volunteers are asked to pay $25 plus a $75 deposit. The deposit is refunded after completing your shifts. Returning volunteers may obtain a coupon for registration by clicking HERE.

To request a deferral, click HERE.

We are proud that nearly half of the people at CLAW are volunteers. With more than 250 events and exhibitors in 4 days, the volunteers are an essential element that makes CLAW possible.

Volunteer Packages include all the benefits of the $215 attendee package, plus all of the following:

  1. Food and Drink: Free food and drink in the Volunteer Hospitality Suite at the host hotel all weekend long
  2. Discounted prices on tickets for the International Leather Family Dinner and the Leather Hall of Fame Brunch
  3. Automatic Entry into the Volunteer Raffle to win a $1500 prize for CLAW 22, including 4 nights at a CLAW hotel

  • There are many volunteers that should register as Staff, such as coordinators, bootblacks, entertainers, photographer, and cashiers. If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact guest services and do not register at this time.
  • The volunteer FAQ is available HERE.
Are you a returning volunteer from CLAW 19?
Are you trying to register as Staff?
Staff include coordinators, photographers, bootblacks, cashiers, and entertainers, for example. Staff coupons are provided by CLAW Coordinators.
Do you have your registration coupon already?

Registration Instructions

  1. Select "CLAW 21 Volunteer Package"
  2. Select at least 2 shift times under the "Shifts" tab. These will be your work assignments. CLAW reserves the right to change your shifts, but you will be notified in advanced.
  3. If you want to add additional events (Meals, Speed Dating, etc.), click Add more items from your cart.
  4. When you are finished adding items to your cart, click Checkout

Please, do not register at this time:

You should contact your coordinator first to get your registration coupon code or contact Guest Services. Please use the registration link provided by your coordinator.

To obtain a discount code

All CLAW 20 coupons have been withdrawn. Please request a new coupon for your registration. CLICK HERE

Please obtain your registration link from the Education Coordinator.
Please obtain your registration link from the Guest Services Coordinator.
Please obtain your registration link from the VendorMart Coordinator.
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CLAW has a 0% tolerance for illegal drugs at our event. If you think you might have a problem with crystal, heroin, cocaine or other party drugs, visit Partnership to End Addiction.