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Entire Year:
Master Sponsors ($5,000/each)
Sustaining Sponsor ($1,500/each)
All Weekend:
Boots & Cigar Deck ($2,000)
Entire Skills & Education Workshops Schedule ($2,000)
Single Skills & Education Workshop ($100)
Fetish Speed Dating All Rounds ($1,000)
Men's BDSM Play Space ($1,000)
CLAW Silent Auction ($500)
In-Room pup & boy Coffee Service ($500)
Volunteer Hospitality Suite ($500)
Transportation ($1000)
Thursday Events:
Speed Dating: BDSM 1 ($250)
12 Step Kick off ($100)
Speed Dating: Ass Play 1 ($250)
Speed Dating: BDSM 2 ($250)
Leather Stallion Kick Of Party ($500)
CLAW Volunteer Kick Off Party ($500)
Thursday FLEXXX ASYLUM ($1,000)
Leather Invades Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ($2,000)
Friday Events:
12 Step Rise and Shine ($100)
Speed Dating: Smokers ($250)
Naked Bear Pool Party ($500)
Speed Dating: Couples & Thirds ($250)
Speed Dating: BDSM 3 ($250)
Speed Dating: Looking for a LTR ($250)
Speed Dating: Handlers & Pups ($250)
Speed Dating: Boots & Gear ($250)
Speed Dating: Ass Play 2($250)
CLAW Rubber Social ($350)
12 Step Friday Night Live ($100)
Diaper Up!An ABDL Fetish Party ($350)
Boots & Cigar Party ($500)
Call to Duty Party ($600)
Bears out of Hibernation Party ($600)
Friday FLEXXX ASYLUM Party ($1,000)
Saturday Events:
12 Step Cole Tucker Cigar Meeting ($100)
Non-Profit Organizations Information Displays ($200)
Pup & Handlers Lunch ($500)
OINK! Naked Pool Party ($1000)
BLUF Meet Up ($500)
12 Step MOCK-tail ($100)
Piglet's Brown Hanky Social ($150)
12 Step Black-Out Party ($100)
Hot Ash Party ($500)
Saturday Leather Stallion Party ($600)
Super Heroes and Super Villains Gear and Grind Party ($600)
Saturday FLEXXX ASYLUM Party ($1,000)
Sunday Events:
12 Step Happy Endings ($100)
Leather Hall of Fame Brunch and Inductions ($1,000)
Sunday at the Stallion ($400)
12 Step Leather Club Annual Meeting ($100)
The Last Supper: CLAW Give Back Night ($500)
Kinky Cabaret ($1,000)
Last Call Retro Dance Party ($300)
Run bag inserts commercial ($60)
Run bag inserts non-profit ($30)
Poster Logo ($100)
Postcard Logo ($100)
e-Blasts ($600)
Website ($250)
Hotel Directory ($250)
Yapp Sponsor ($600)
Pup Bowl Logo ($100)
Ad Combo 1 ($400)
Ad Combo 2 ($800)
Yearbook Ad:
Rear Cover ($1,500)
Two Page Centerfold ($800)
Inside Front Cover ($500)
Inside Rear Cover ($500)
Opposite Inside Front Cover ($400)
Opposite Inside Rear Cover ($400)
Opposite Map Page ($300)
Opposite Schedule Page ($300)
Full Page ($200)
Half Page ($125)
Quarter Page ($75)
Eighth Page ($40)
Layout Assistance ($25)
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