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Leather Heart Package - $250

helping community members to attend

Since the beginning, CLAW has been creating ways for people with limited financial resources to attend: discounted packages for volunteers, complimentary food and drinks in the Volunteer Hospitality Suite, and even some free shared hotel rooms for super-volunteers who work 8+ hours/day at the event. These things have allowed thousands of people to attend, many of them staying with friends or sharing a hotel room with three others. But many others still aren't able to attend because of financial concerns.

Introducing the Leather Heart Package, named in homage to one of our community’s most important and cherished organizations, the Leather Heart Foundation. The Leather Heart Package is a way for you to help these community members – these friends of yours and of ours – continue to be part of CLAW.

When you buy your Weekend Package, please consider adding a tax deductible Leather Heart Package to your cart before checking out. At $250, it’s like bringing a new friend to CLAW or paying it forward to help support the next generation of community leaders.

A single $250 Leather Heart Package is enough to cover:

  • the host hotel housing costs of a Super Volunteer for four nights
  • the transportation cost (or the essential discount needed to afford transportation) to/from Cleveland for someone for whom travel costs are the hurdle
  • 10 extra large pizzas to help feed the CLAW volunteers in the Volunteer Hospitality Suite

The joy of being at CLAW is monumental, and the experiences are life changing. We have the emails and testimonials to back that up. Nothing is more gratifying than that. With the Leather Heart, you’ll be a direct contributor to bring that joy to another.

To sponsor multiple Leather Heart Package, you can make a donation in any amount on the donate-to-CLAW page and let us know you want it to support Leather Heart Packages. Thank you for that beautiful heart of yours, from the bottom of ours.

Volunteer Bridge - $270

buy brunch and change lives

The vast majority of CLAW's 1000+ volunteers cannot easily afford to attend any of the banquets at CLAW. Indeed, many of them eat every meal from the Volunteer Hospitality Suite all weekend in order to afford being at the event at all.

Our volunteers are what makes CLAW possible in two important and distinct ways: (1) they’re the manpower that produces and manages 200+ events, and (2) they’re the critical mass that creates our exhilarating sexual environment. Volunteers are very happy to be at CLAW, and most of them don't think much about missing out on banquets. Very few ever say so to us, but some volunteers do think about it. Some of them even tell us how much they’d like to be in that room with us, seated at one of the round tables for two hours… getting to know their table mates, and becoming known. They yearn to be part of our community networks.

Introducing the Volunteer Bridge. Each bridge purchased covers CLAW's out-of-pocket cost for all banquets on our schedule. We will carefully choose volunteers that we know will appreciate the chance to enjoy the special moments and delicious food with us and with our friends – volunteers that will make an enduring impression on the people who get to know them in that environment. In most cases we will split your donation between multiple volunteers. If there is a specific volunteer that want to sponsor, we'd love to hear about them. If you'd like to be introduced to or seated at the same table with the volunteers you sponsor, please let us know.

Thank you for considering the opportunity to create and to be a Volunteer Bridge. If you would like to underwrite even more of these opportunities for our volunteers, you may do so in any amount on the donate-to-CLAW page and letting us know you want your donation to support Volunteer Bridges.

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CLAW has a 0% tolerance for illegal drugs at our event. If you think you might have a problem with crystal, heroin, cocaine or other party drugs, visit Partnership to End Addiction.