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The 22 Charities of CLAW 17

Leather Charities ("National" Charities) ($50,000; 59.5%):

  1. Leather Archives and Museum ($26,250) compiles, preserves and maintains the history, archives and memorabilia of the leather and related lifestyles for historical, educational and research purposes; The CLAW grant includes $11,250 to create professional, museum grade, shippable LA&M travel exhibit kits.
  2. Leather Heart Foundation ($12,000) confidentially provides emergency financial assistance to members of leather, fetish and kink communities across the country.
  3. Team Friendly ($3500), a dynamic organization combating the stigma of HIV through presentations at gay male events around the country all year long. CLAW funds purchase many thousands of buttons, dog tags, lapel pins, t-shirts, etc.  Volunteers provide health education information to men who have sex with men.
  4. CARAS (Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities) ($2500) promotes excellence in the study of alternative sexualities and the dissemination of research results.  CARAS supports training of therapists and counselors working with kink-identified clients, allowing for competent, discrimination-free care, and will hold a conference in Chicago during IML in May 2018.
  5. IMsL Foundation ($1500) supports the development of sex positive communities and provides education on alternative sexuality and sexual freedom.  IMsL outreach and support includes women’s kink communities in Australia, South Africa and around the world.
  6. Woodhull Freedom Foundation ($1500) affirms sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. CLAW’s grant provides a full “rounded up” scholarship for one attendee to the annual Sexual Freedom Summit including airfare, hotel, meals and registration.
  7. Western New York Anti Violence Project, Buffalo, NY ($1000) works to end violence against LGBTQ persons through advocacy, education and other support, including providing workshops on BDSM and consent, and reprinting BDSM educational brochures and information
  8. TASHRA (The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance) ($1000) conducts research on the physical and mental health of people engaged in BDSM to define their unique bio-psycho-socio healthcare needs and training healthcare workers to deliver culturally competent, non-judgmental care.  The grant from CLAW will help finance a second National Kink Health Survey.
  9. National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ($750) advances equal rights for consensual adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions, including the BDSM/leather/fetish communities through direct services, education, advocacy and outreach.

Cleveland and Ohio LGBTQ and AIDS Charities ($33,000; 39.3%)

  1. LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland ($10,000) enriches the lives of the diverse LGBTQ community through advocacy, support, education and celebration.  The Center is the area’s largest social services agency for LGBTQ people.  CLAW’s grant continues to fund SAGE, a seniors’ drop-in program, established with previous CLAW funding.
  2. Prince of Peace Neighborhood Center (“POPCE”) ($5000) improves the lives of residents of Cleveland’s Stockyard area through healthy eating, support groups, education and community gardens, proving fresh fruit and vegetables to 600 families.  POPCE’s programs engage Stockyard residents across different races, cultures, genders and sexual orientation.  
  3. Equitas Health ($3500) (1) Camp Sunrise decreases isolation and provides education and coping skills for children dealing with HIV at a residential summer camp.  CLAW has supported Camp Sunrise for 12 consecutive years.  (2) Transforming Care Conference on LGBTQ Health Equity (Oct 19-20, 2017) features 60 sessions seeking best practices for HIV treatment and LGBTQ health equity.  The second annual conference is open to all.  
  4. GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) NE Ohio ($3000), educates teachers, students and the public about the damage caused by homophobia and heterosexism in schools.  CLAW funds teacher training with resource books, youth conferences, back to school program for parents, and purchases sets of LGBT oriented books for school libraries. 
  5. AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland ($3000) provides the people of Greater Cleveland knowledge about HIV/AIDS and helps those affected by the disease. CLAW’s grant supports the food pantry, and includes $500 for the Jon Brittain Food Drive, which provides healthy food in December to Cleveland area folks who need it the most.
  6. Trials for Hope ($2000), helps those most in need without judgment.  CLAW’s grant will purchase: (1) safety enhancing walkie talkies for 14 shut in residents at Lakeview Terrace senior residence; (2) canned goods for the food bank; and (3) bus passes and supplies for backpacks given to Cleveland area homeless youth.  
  7. Cleveland Pride 2017 ($1500) produces the 29th annual Gay Pride Parade and Festival, a fun educational celebration of the gay rights movement in Cleveland and the United States.  A catalyst of queer community awareness for the general public, Cleveland Pride seeks to eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  8. Equality Ohio Education Fund ($1500) advocates statewide for fair treatment and equal opportunity regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.  They focus on updating municipal non-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
  9. Cleveland Aquatic Team ($1500) swims for recreation, physical fitness, competition.  They build community between LGBT and straight swimmers.  CLAW’s grant creates 50% match scholarships to IGLA and USMS meets for students and low-income swimmers.
  10. Out Support, Medina County ($1000) promotes the health of LGBTQ people and their families in Medina County, Ohio, just south of metropolitan Cleveland.  CLAW funds purchase written materials, flags, buttons, and other materials promoting LGBTQ equality.
  11. Center for Integrated Therapies, ($1000) provides complementary alternative therapies for chronic pain.  CLAW’s grant extends treatment to HIV/AIDS patients and others.

Other Charities ($1000, 1.2%)

  1. Being Alive: People with AIDS Action Coalition ($500) is a Los Angeles area AIDS services agency that includes mental health, wellness, nutrition, and peer emotional support.
  2. Brave Trails ($500) is a L.A. area summer camp for LGBTQ youth and their allies with creative programming focusing on leadership, community building, self-realization and service.


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