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The Healthy Kink Gameshow

Topic area: Health / Discussion

Friday 1:30PM - 3:00PM

Having presented at CLAW for 2 years on kinky health, Dr George Forgan-Smith, a doctor and medical educator based in Melbourne Australia, is going to mix things up with a fun, educational session on all aspects of kinky heath in a fun, interactive gameshow format.

Topics covered will include mental health, sexual health, kinky first aid, and medical safety for kink and play scenarios.

I will also be having guest "subject matter" experts for rapid fire question rounds such as "name that toy", "ballbusting for beginners" & "how does it get in there and how do I get it out?". These "mini rounds" will focus on areas rarely taught outside one on one sessions.

The session is designed to be fun, interactive and offer participants a chance to access kink health education as well as experts in kink to empower and encourage safety, fun and health for all members of our wide kink community.

This session is open to all kinky people with an interest in health.

Watch "Come along to the Kinky Healthy Gameshow at CLAW 2018" (YouTube)