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  • 4PM - 5PM
    • BDSM 1: Meet & beat
  • 7PM - 8PM
    • Ass Play 1: Fill that hole
    • BDSM 2: Meet & beat


  • 2:30PM - 3:30PM
    • Smokers
  • 6PM - 7PM
    • Couples & Thirds: The more, the merrier
    • BDSM 3: Meet & beat
    • Looking for an LTR
  • 7PM - 8PM
    • Handlers & Pups: Heel, sit, stay
    • Ass Play 2: Fill that hole
    • Boots & Gear: Gear up and have fun

You can sign up as a top, bottom, or versatile (or couple or other for Thirds). If you choose “versatile” for a session, you can be placed in the rotation as a top or a bottom, depending on the number of tops and bottoms. No worries, you may meet another versatile person in the rotation.

Check the event schedule for session locations.

Spaces are limited. Register today!