CLAW 20 Skills & Education

World's Largest Curriculum of Kinky Skills and Education

Preliminary as of 6 Feb 2020
Further details coming soon.


Title Presenter(s)
Advanced Mummy Play Master Zack
Bondage Buffet: Hogs, Frogs, Crabs, and Shrimp Traeonna
Bondage for Beginners Mister Septimus
Cause and Effect Bondage: The Joys of Predicament Master Dart
Dancing with Ropes (partial/full suspension) BondageOtter
Intro to Rope Pup Ruben
Introduction to Mummification Sir Cluff
Plastic Wrap - The enjoyment of Plastic Greetings Sir Duane
Rope for Capture boy doriam
Rope Suspension 101 Jeremy Rigger
Rope: Hitches, Boxties, & Spirals Pup Ruben
Shibari Rope Bondage Joe Marks
Speed Rope 101 Jeremy Rigger
Tying up the Johnsons Traeonna
Tying, Flying, & Crying--the Beauty of Rope Torture (partial/full suspension) BondageOtter
Undoing the knots: Freestyle Rope Bondage Thiktool


Title Presenter(s)
#CANCELLED Stephan Ferris
Alphatribe and You Bob Miller
An Introduction to the History of the Leather and Kink Communities Rob Bienvenu
Gayle Rubin
Becoming a Titleholder and Leading our Community Pup Sirius
Dr. Ralph Bruneau
James IML 2018 #40
Behind the Veil : The history of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Sr Nadia Heddensmile
Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC) & Inferno David Rosen
Terry Lewis
Event On a Dime Triq
From Dog Training to Pup Play - A Brief History on Modern Human Canines Gee
HIV Related Stigma: The Silent Killer Mark Eddy
Hosting a Play Party Jim Drew
Ken Sledge
How to Be an Ally to Asians in the Kink and Fetish Community Preston "wexx" So
How To Coordinate A Pet Play Event pup Spaz
IML/IMBB 42 Contestant Roundtable Daddy Jeff
In the Beginning There Was Gauntlet Jim Ward
Kink History - 100 Years of Kink Pup Red
Kinky Sex Workers Master Azariel
Bamm Bamm
Tyesha Nicole Best
Leather Club Forum Gregg Lakota
Leather of Color boy doriam
Leatherman's Story Hour Peter Fiske
People of Color Interacting in White Dominated Spaces J. Tebias Perry
Recon Reunion: Party and Photoshoot Antoin
Sharing Space/Making Space Butch Romero
Social Media: Useful Tool For Social, Play, Dating, And Self-Esteem... Or NOT ?!? Dale Ross
Submissive People of Color Roundtable boy David
The Color of Sex : Colorism in the POC Kink Community and Beyond. Daddy Jay
The Leather Hall of Fame at 12 Years Rob Bienvenu
Bob Miller
Gayle Rubin
Tom, Etienne & the Hun: Five Decades of Wet Dreams and Wild Imaginations Gary Wasdin
TRAVEL: So, You Like To Get Around? Jeff Shilling
What It's Like to Be Gay, Kinky ... and Asian Preston "wexx" So
Pup Yoshi

Fetish Affinities

Title Presenter(s)
50 Questions You Didn't Know to Ask About Pup Play pup Spaz
ABDL Panel Daddy Joy
Cigar Service and Play Fraulein
Electro Play including Penetration Master Stephen
Fire's Hot Michael DarkRam
Fun with Insertable Electro Daddy Doug Stevens
Kinky Sex Magick & Rituals Master Azariel
Knifeplay Flicker
Naturism and Leather Dr. Ralph Bruneau
Nipples, Pits, and Touch. OH MY! Craig Gerard
Panties and Men, Are panties the gateway to Sissy Play? Daddy Rob
Piss Play Roundtable Charles FP
Playing With Fire Traeonna
Playing with Food boy doriam
Puppy Headspace Pup Sirius
Revenge of the Robot Perverts: Drone Play and the History of ASFR JD Hammond
Pup Tibbers
Roundtable Discussion on Advanced Ass Play, moderated by Scott from SquarePegToys® Scott Douglas
Smoke and Ash: Cigar Service and Play Traeonna
Chris IsFine
So Funny it Hurts! Daddy B
So You Like Bellies... Preston Masters
Pup Spotty
Taboo: Exhibition/Voyeur Play Daddy Doug Stevens
The Lowdown on Brown Piglet Ray
Violet Wand: From Sensation to Torture Daddy Doug Stevens
Watersports: The Wet Session Charles FP
We Like Balls That We Just Can't Hide Daddy Cubba
Wet Shaving 101 Lorelei Siren


Title Presenter(s)
Beyond Shiny Boots – Leather Care Basics Girl Becky
Bootblacking Lab Time Kiltgrrl
Cigar Fundamentals Traeonna
Chris IsFine
CLAW Bootblack Crew 101 Panel Kiltgrrl
Leather Care Jean Plamondon
MYOD: Make Your Own Dildo Workshop Scott Douglas


Title Presenter(s)
BDSM Landmines Master Dart
Castration, Nullification, & Penectomies Pup Red
Daddy Eric
Consent, Boundaries, and Self-Care Tyesha Nicole Best
Everything you wanted to know about STI's and were afraid to ask KAT
Fetish Relaxation Matthew Bennett
Handling Mental Health Emergencies in the Dungeon: PTSD, Panic Attacks and other crises Richard Sprott
Health Disparities and Kink Richard Sprott
Rob Bienvenu
Health, Kink, and Fetish For Men No Matter Our Age Dr George
Helping Each Other in the Dark Times: Suicide Prevention and Intervention in the Kink Community Richard Sprott
How's Your Load?
Leather, Kink, & Recovery D.S. Trumbull
Dr. Ralph Bruneau
Liberation or Assimilation? Taylor Johnson, LPCC
Line Dancing for Puppies, Pets, and Other People Jim Drew
Naked Yoga Bear Mike
Nude YOGA Kevin Laskowski
Penis Enhancement: For a Day or a Lifetime. Joey Luther
Power, Co-Dependency, & Fun Leather Play Dale Ross
Relaxation As Aftercare Girl Becky
Self-Care in a Kinky World Otter DX
Daddy Rob

Power Exchange

Title Presenter(s)
A Bond With or Without Shackles Sir Wes
Boy Austin
ABDL Punishments: New ways to Tame your Brat Daddy Joy
Advanced Pup Play PupBoss
All About Headspace Pup Red
Bringing Harmony back to Disharmony boy CJ
Chastity - Lock Him Down! VaBeachRubber
Chastity 101 Pat Hensley
Connection and Understanding in Kink Relationships Matthew Bennett
Corrections, Discipline, and Punishments boy CJ
Developing the Master Psyche Phil
Heavy CNC - Why? Torture Cop
How To Train Your Puppy Pup Ryder
Atomic Orange
Hypnosis Jay Craig
Interrogation Play Slade
Leather Families & Households Master Taíno
Mindfuck and Psychological Torture Torture Cop
Nap Time Play Slade
Navigating Boundaries in Consensual Non-Monogamy and Kink Derrick
Playing with Intention & Connection Flicker
Power-Exchange Relationships: Separating the reality from the fantasy Master Taíno
Puppy 301: What do I do with that doggy in the window? Havok
Safely Introducing New Submissives to BDSM and Leather Sir Erik
Scritches 101 Pup Breezee
Sirs and boys Sir John Krikorian
Spirituality through domination and submission Phil
The Dom's Guide to TIckling Erik11
The Good Touch Games Havok


Title Presenter(s)
Anal Play 101 Pat Hensley
Cleaning out: I like clean butts (and I cannot lie!) Will Baker
Fisting Is The New Cuddling. Who Wants To Cuddle? Sir Rick
Penetrative Play for Non-Biological Cock Owners (Pegging/Strapping Demo) Fraulein
Pigs Want More
Responsible Slutting - the one and outs of high volume play Bamm Bamm
Safe and Effective Use of Trimix Craig "Dr. Trimix" Keyes
Sounds Like Fun: Learning about Sounding Tony
The Responsible Slut Dr. Phil Hopkins, Jr.
The Zen of Taking Big Dick and Cumming Harder Steven Lavender
What Do You Do With That Big Dick? Pupper Scamp


Title Presenter(s)
Ballbusting fun and games Robert Joel
Beginning Flogging Ian Lewis
Caning and English Discipline Jean Plamondon
Crucifixion Mark O'Keefe
Extreme Singletailing Mark O'Keefe
Flog me tender...bits arcane
Flogging 101 Sir Tj
Flogging 101.5 Dave Watt
Flogging 201 Mr. Myers
Flogging: A Master’s Class on Fun and Safe Practices Sir Kel
Florentine Flogging arcane
Gird Your Loins! An introduction to CBT! Sir Kirk
Heavy Impact Play: Erotic Boxing Doc
Impact 101 Sir Tj
Impact Play as Stress Management Girl Becky
Impact Toys from Wicked Sticks to Sjamboks HawksDarkside
Intro to Single Tail Whips Jon B
Needle Play - Poke, Poke, Poke Mr. Myers
Play Piercing 101 Doggo Oso
Rough Body Play Aaylen Fox
Short Single Tail Practice Peter Fiske
Spanking: How I Learned to Love Daddy's Belt Rod Onyx
Tan that Hide! Sir Kirk
Wax On, Wax Off Sir Tj