C19 Skills & Education

World's Largest Curriculum of Kinky Skills and Education for Men

Preliminary as of 1 Feb 2019

Ass Play

Title Presenter(s)
Cleaning Out for Fun and Profit Jim Drew
Ken Sledge
Cleaning Out: I Like Clean Butts (I cannot lie!) Dave Watt
Will Baker
Fisting: Advanced John "JcbtMI"
Fisting: An unbreakable bond Sir Wes
Fisting: Beginners Sir Rick
Fisting: Intro John "JcbtMI"
Drew Benson
Dustin James


Title Presenter(s)
Bondage for Beginners Mister Septimus
Cause and Effect Bondage - The Joys of Predicament Master Dart
Mummification and More Sir Cluff
Boy Geoff
Rope Suspension Jeremy Rigger
Rope: Box Ties Pup Ruben
Rope: Speed Rope Jeremy Rigger
Sleepsacks and Plastic Wrap Sir Duane
David Zolton Biro
Sleepsacks and Plastic Wrap Repeat Sir Duane
David Zolton Biro
Tying up the Johnsons Traeonna


Title Presenter(s)
Locking It Down VaBeachRubber
Long Term Chastity 101 Michael Calin
Short Term Chastity - Tips and Techniques Michael Calin


Title Presenter(s)
Cigar Fundamentals Traeonna
Cigar Haze Rick TheTist
Cigar Play Master Tim
Cigars and Cigar Play Ignixia
Smoke and Ash: Cigar Service and Play Traeonna


Title Presenter(s)
Curated Kink: Celebrating Our Twisted Past Gary Wasdin
Dungeon & Public Play Space Protocols Sir Kirk
Kink and creativity Greg Hatch
Kink Is My Vanilla Pup Trouble
Kink Journalism and Erotica: Writing Our Stories Jax Kelly
Leather Club Forum Gregg Lakota
boy greg
Lessons from the AIDS Plague Jax Kelly
Clayton Koppes
Mentoring: A Lost Art Master Dart
Michael Darkram
Protocols - The 5 W's Master Zack
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: 40 of the best and worst Sister Nadia Heddensmile
Transman Sex 101 Sir Paramoure
Understanding and Negotiating Boundaries in Poly and Kinky Relationships Derrick
Whose in your Bed?: Leather Family and Polyamory Mufasa Ali

Community: People of Color

Title Presenter(s)
Be My Brother/Be My Sister Rod Onyx
Daddy Jay
Dominion ONYX
Butch Prandium
Leather & Kink Mental Health Stigmas -- a POC Perspective Tyesha Best
Counselor Ochumaré ONYX
Butch Prandium
Daddy Richard
Losing My Religion: A Dissection of Religion, Spirituality and Kink Rod Onyx
Mufasa Ali
POC Titleholders Rod Onyx
Martine KL Chu
Sir Jay
Race Play: Returning to the Mine Field Rod Onyx
Otter DX
Dorian Minley (Pup Gavroche)
State of the POC Union Rod Onyx
Tyesha Best
Preston "wexx" So
Romulan ONYX


Title Presenter(s)
Consent, Boundaries, and Self-Care Tyesha Best
The Art of Cruising and Protecting Body Autonomy Dr. Ralph Bruneau
Counselor Ochumaré ONYX
The Good Touch Games Pup Havok


Title Presenter(s)
IML 41 Contestant Roundtable Jason Hendrix
Stage Fantasies Jim Drew

Fetish Affinities

Title Presenter(s)
ABDL Intro Pup Jackson
Pup Teee
Daddy John
ABDL Panel Pup Jackson
Pup Teee
Daddy John
ASFR: Full Function, Anatomically Correct J.D. Hammond
Dan Hernandez
Gainers and Encouragers Preston Nails
Submissive Sissy Play and Hypnosis Daddy Rob


Title Presenter(s)
Bootblacking and Leather care jean plamondon
The $20 Dungeon Piglet Ray


Title Presenter(s)
HIV Related Stigma: The Silent Killer Sir Wolf
How's Your Load? Craig "Dr. Trimix" Keyes
Loneliness & Isolation Within Our Gay Leather Community Dale Ross
Relaxation as Aftercare Girl Becky
Resourcing and Trauma Relief Dr. Ralph Bruneau
Risk Aware Medical Care Dave Watt
Self Defense 101 Jordan Bonner
Stress Management: Impact Play Girl Becky
Stress Management: Rope Girl Becky
TRIMIX: Safe and Effective Use Craig "Dr. Trimix" Keyes
We Survived Dean Gauge
Pat Machate
Yoga: Kinkster Yoga Jesse
Yoga: Nude Yoga Kevin

Power Exchange

Title Presenter(s)
Authority Differential Dynamics vs. Intimate Partner Violence Dr. Ralph Bruneau
Beyond the surface: The Deeper connection Roundtable Master Joshua
Bond and Bondage Sir Wes
Corrections, Discipline, and Punishments boy CJ
Hypnosis 101 Master BearTEKK
Interrogation Slade
Tj Howard
Knockout Play/Breath Control Slade
Tj Howard
D'Lyla Rose
Protocol, Protection, and Punishment Mike Lunter
Adam Lunter
Sirs and boys Roundtable SIR John Krikorian
Submissive mind drop Rick TheTist
The Art of Kinky Negotiations Tj Howard
slave amendah

Pups & Handlers

Title Presenter(s)
A Doctor's Guide To Healthy Pup Play Dr George Forgan-Smith
Pup Trive
Handling Pup Play PupBoss
Pup Stout
Sir T-Dawg
Head Space: The Psychology of Puppy Play Pup Sirius
Alpha Pup Red
Daddy Griffyn
How To Train Your Puppy Sir Wolf
Into the Pupzone PupBoss
Pup Stout
Sir T-Dawg
Puppy Play: Safely and Best Practices Dean Gauge
Papa Woof
The Bark Side: A Puppy Community Roundtable pup Spaz
Papa Woof
UNDER THE HOOD, PUP 201 Sir Pounder
Pup Arcturus


Title Presenter(s)
Erotic Massage and Edging James Vacca
Chris S.
Hookups & Play Parties Done Right 3rd edition! PiGBoSS
Nipples, smells, and touch OH MY!
Piss Play Intro - Let's get Wet! RoughPup
Pup Fang
Charles Burr
Role Play: Once Upon a Fetish Daddy JW
Pup Umbra
Saline Infusion - We Like Big Balls that We Cannot Hide! DaddyCubba
Scat: Not the Musical Kind Piglet Ray
Tickling: The Dom's Guide Erik11


Title Presenter(s)
Ballbusting Bob Joel
Electric Play for Everyone Daddy JW
Ms Marla
Fire Play Michael Darkram
Flogging 101 Tj Howard
boy Aries
slave amendah
Flogging 101.5 Dave Watt
Flogging 201 Mr. Myers
Flogging for Beginners Ian
Flogging: Scene Flogging II Master Zack
Gird Your Loins! An introduction to CBT! Sir Kirk
Impact Play: Erotic Boxing Doc Hoskins
Shawn Lee
Impact Play: When You Don't Have Your Toy Box Sir Rob Davidson
Beau Geste
Knives: The many moods of knifeplay Flicker
Nipples: Things that Pinch Adam (Rugger)
Piercing 101: Beginners workshop on temporary/play piercings Sir Rob Davidson
Piercing: Needle Play Mr. Myers
Piss Play 101 Charles Burr
Rods and canes jean plamondon
Sounding: Sounds Like Fun! Tony
The Physics of Kink Sir Sam Brinton
Whip Cracker Workshop TOYSinSF
Whips: Extreme Signaltailing Mark O’Keefe aka WhipFather
Whips: Safe short single tail whips Peter Fiske
Al Parso-York