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Skills and Education Classes are open to all CLAW 21 Package Holders. Click on the class title or presenter for further details.

Ass Play/Sex

Title Presenter(s)
Beginner's Guide to Gaping Holes Cancelled Tim S
Beginner's Guide to Gaping Holes Cancelled Tim S
Cruising : From Tearooms to Chatrooms Cancelled AJ Earl
Fisting Techniques Todd Harris
Fisting With A Passion Donal
Rimming : The HOLE Story Chris Wright-Garcia
Toys, Cleaners, Condoms, & Lube Ellen Friedman


Title Presenter(s)
Intermediate Rope Bondage : Harnesses, TK, & More! Shibari Shawn
Rope for Capture boy doriam
Rope Suspension Basics Jeremy Rigger
Captain Spandex
Pup Kodi
Sensual Rope Bondage Shibari Shawn
Tying For Beginners Jeremy Rigger
Captain Spandex
Pup Kodi


Title Presenter(s)
Attending Events On a Dime Triq
BDSM : Buds Doing Social Media Kristofer Weston
Amp Somers
CARAS Mentoring Program Carolyn Meeker
Censorship : I Am Not One Of Your Fans Stephan Ferris
Dominic Ford
Decriminalizing BDSM Tess
Everyone Has a Leather Story Alex Ironrod
Fetish Vector : Digital Flagging Sir Tim
First Time For Everything Drew Kramer
Forbidden Wor(l)ds: Kink Under Communism Lucie Drdová
Got Consent? Tess
History and Impact of Sex Offender Laws Cancelled Rostom Mesli
Leather 101 Rick Boehle
Leather In 1987 Dave Rhodes
Leather Walking Tour of Downtown LA Jon Wright
Leatherboy Screening & Q&A Jack McGreal
Let's Whip Human Sexuality Textbooks Into Place! Ben Graham
Original Pride Film Screening Satyrs Motorcycle Club
Payasos LA Roundtable Payaso Chipa Guasu
Philosophy of Kink Race Bannon
PIGS : Perverted Interracial GuyS Matthew Jensen
Joel Royal
Publish Your Kink Story Ty Dehner
Puppy Contests & Titles Bootcamp Ashtray Boner Kain
Riding Hard: A Visual History of Leather Clubs Daddy G
Running the Gauntlet Jim Ward
Paul King
Spanking as a Lifestyle RedSpankScott
J.R. Raymond
The California B&B Corps: 53 Years of Men in Police Uniforms, Boots, and Gear Tom Priestley
Jim Neuman
Robert Green
Twentieth Century Leatherman Author Reading Drew Kramer
Untold Experiences of Tom of Finland DurkDehner
Virtual CLAW Bob Miller
boy shannon
What Research on Leather and Kink is Needed Today? Community Leaders Panel
When S&M Became Political Cancelled Rostom Mesli
Woodhull Foundation at Work Hardy Haberman
Writing and Reading Leathersex Alex Ironrod


Title Presenter(s)
Age Regression, Ageplay, and ABDL in the Clinical Setting Matt Sevier
Ageplay Panel James Frost
Breath Control : Fresh Air kmora
Breath Control : Fresh Air kmora
Cigar Play with Jesse & Ken Jesse Rosenberg
Ken Avedisian
David Lantry
Food Glorious Food Daddy G
Leather Care : Basics & Boots Alexey D.
Pup & Pet Play Introduction Ashtray Boner Kain
Pup & Pet Play Introduction Ashtray Boner Kain
Rise of the Robot Perverts JD Hammond (DML-510187)
Pup Buff
Sexual Perversion And Aesthetic Preference Andrew Winters
Wedgies and Bullying 101 Pup Champ


Title Presenter(s)
Kinky Naked Yoga with Bear Mike & Bear Marvin Bear Mike
Bear Marvin
Kinky Naked Yoga with Bear Mike & Bear Marvin Bear Mike
Bear Marvin
Nude Yoga with Jesse and Ken Jesse Rosenberg
Ken Avedisian
Nude Yoga with Jesse and Ken Jesse Rosenberg
Ken Avedisian
TASHRA's Core Competencies: The Development and Introduction of Clinical Competencies for the Treatment of Kink Populations Stephen Ratcliff and Zita Nickeson

Power Dynamics

Title Presenter(s)
Authority As Fetish Guy Baldwin
Chastity In Play & In Life Master Noel
Developing the Master Mindset Slave Phil
Hypnotic Roleplay & Sexuality BearTrancer
Hypnotic Roleplay & Sexuality BearTrancer
Negotiating Short Term Service Sarah Beth
Negotiation and Seduction Hardy Haberman
Protocols, Protections, & Punishments Adam Lunter
Pushing Limits : Managing Fear and Hesitation Joe Gallagher
Receiving Service Sarah Beth
Spirituality Through Domination and Submission Slave Phil
The Awakenings Project: An In-Depth Qualitative Study of the Erotic Hypnosis Community Sam Hughes
The Psychology of FinDom: Ethical Financial Domination Kali Williams
Anna Randall
You Can't Consent to That: The DSM, Sexual Sadism and the Deployment of Consent Katie Mercer


Title Presenter(s)
Advanced Flogging Todd Harris
Ballbusting Bob Joel
Basic Flogging Techniques Mike V.H.
Bending The Cane Sir Brian
CBT: Cock and Ball Torture Mike V.H.
Flogging for Beginners Bondagedream
Introduction to BDSM Electro Gordon S. Morris
Master Gary
Introduction to BDSM Electro Gordon S. Morris
Master Gary
Spanking 101 RedSpankScott
J.R. Raymond
The Kinky Physics of Spanking NuclearNerd
The Magical Ingredient That Separates Consensual Sadomasochism from Sadistic Aggression Ariel Pliskin
Torture Interrogation Peter Fiske
Al Parso-York
Whip Throwing Introduction Sir Brian

1:00PM - 3:00PM

2:00PM - 3:00PM

Palos Verdes
Santa Anita C
San Gabriel B
San Pedro, Lobby Level

3:30PM - 5:30PM

7:00PM - 8:30PM

Leather Stallion Salloon
Leather Daddy Skin Co
Nasty Kink Pigs
Horse Market
Ryder Gear
Eagle LA
Chicago Hellfire Club
Los Angeles Leather Coalition
Avatar Club Los Angeles
Mr. Michigan Leather
Brock Banks
Dillon Roman
ICON Detroit

CLAW has a 0% tolerance for illegal drugs at our event. If you think you might have a problem with crystal, heroin, cocaine or other party drugs, visit Partnership to End Addiction.