Art Show

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Alexei Biryukoff

Russian painter and CLAW Vendor Alexey Biryukoff has been an established artist for 20 years. Now living and working in western PA, his art concentrates on male nudes and artwork inspired by the leather and fetish communities. Alexey attempts to bring forward body positivity and diversity in his work, and continues to work within the LGBTQ community.


Woody is a fetish man and trained artist with a degree in fine arts. He currently works with digital art, combining his passion for art, fetish and community.

erik hanson

Originally from Minnesota, Erik moved to New York to become an artist. His first show was at Esso in the 1990’s and his most recent show was “2 Years of Bluto” at Marlborough Contemporary, NYC, in March 2019. His art is informed by the way men interact and the way people treat each other in the cartoon Popeye.

Paul of Scotland

Born in Portugal in 1971 and raised in France, Paul of Scotland is a self taught artist who studied History and Art History at École du Louvre in Paris. Paul is active in the French/British gay/leather community. He prefers to work with photographs he takes himself, thereby meeting his models and adding life and dimension to his drawings. His work has been shown in Berlin, London, Paris, Nice, Manchester and Edinburgh, and published in Drummer Magazine.


Vincetti is an artist that likes to express the masculinity of mature men with a bit of cartoon stylization. Expressive forms and shapes fascinate him, and leather fetish usually provides a lot of that.

Alexey Didenko

Originally from San Francisco, Alexey Didenko is a Leatherboy, bootblack, and pup in Oregon. When not working a bootblack stand or busy getting stomped on and bloodied, he can be seen volunteering in the community, hosting parties and educational events, and serving on the board of PDX PAH. He combines his love for the outdoors with his kink life as Adventure Pup, photographing the nature he finds in his travels.

Pat Menhard

Pat is a 36 year old model, photographer and fetish man from the west of France. These six photographs are presented with the permission of four different French photographers: Charles C. Willig, Model Hunter, Marlou and Jerome Shootmebig who are donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of these prints to CLAW.


RVJ has been photographing men, their sexuality and kink since 1987 and has been an official IML photographer since 1993. He has had exhibitions in the US and Europe, and his work has been published in Drummer, International Leatherman, Bear, and other magazines and books.

Master Joshua

Master Joshua is a Latinx fetish photographer and kink lifestylist whose work includes different types of play and people. His images are raw and viscerally thrilling, yet polished and visually pleasing. He captivates the viewer and brings them into the heart of the image.

K.D. Blackstone

K.D. Blackstone was born in Brazil in 1981, raised in Europe, and lives in New York. Photographer, filmmaker and founder of Photogra.Pics Media, which produces documentaries and advertising with adult themes. Kellan recently came out in his exploration of his male identity. The pieces presented are part of a larger work that depicts the daily struggle of finding balance.

Peter The Leather Man

Peter The Leather Man is a leather and fetish model and photographer. He is BLUF member #4037


Primalintensity says he can either Dom a great scene, or photograph it, but it is difficult to do both. As a result, some of his favorite images were never recorded. Of the ones that were, these are some of his favorites.


AMERICAN AFRICAN CHEROKEE QUEER ADVOCATE UNLICENSED ARCHITECT AND ARTIST PHENIZEEFM (aka Phenizee Ferdinand McElroy) resides in his hometown of Atlanta, following time spent in San Francisco, Brazil, and Europe. With his art he aims to foster community, conversation, and camaraderie with stylized, Pop Art, Post-Punk Generation X and Queer aesthetics.

Ian Argo & Liia Atlanta

Inspired by David LaChapelle and Annie Leibovitz, Ian Argo is a portrait photographer who especially likes shooting drag and burlesque entertainers. Liia Atlanta develops fun, head scratching designs/concepts with photographers. She will apprentice with photographer Steve Carmichael in 2021. A veteran of the US Marine Corp., she was the Military Woman of the Year in 1999.

Cody Rayazul

Cody Rayazul is a fetish artist from Massachusetts, currently living in Florida. He has been working in digital art for the past ten years. Prior to that he was an abstract painter.

Pup Argent

Pup Argent has have been interested in art his entire life, and began leatherworking in 2019. He uses the leather we love to create masks that allow people to be transformative. By wearing a mask we tell the world and ourselves that we are a different person...or an animal.